Three videos your business should consider

Recent reports indicate that consumers want to see more video from brands in future. No other medium is quite better at making a great first impression and instilling that sense of credibility a business needs to build trust and establish a loyal customer base. 

So, if you haven't started investing in video, now is a very good time to start. And if you’re not sure where to begin…  let us help you out. 

1. Product/service explainer video

If you’ve ever been asked, “What exactly do you do?”, then an explainer video is the perfect place to start.

These videos could be as basic as a straight-up chat to camera to answer all your audiences’ questions or you may need some diagrams or animations. 

Whichever way you go, the best explainer videos are short, sharp and simple, and point to a problem your product/service can solve. Start with a great script, be clear and simple on messaging, make sure to include shots of your product/service in motion, and appeal to the audience’s emotions explaining how your product/service can help make their lives easier, better, or more fulfilling.

Click here for an example

2. Customer testimonial video

Let’s be honest, few of us enjoy (or are very good at) blowing our own trumpet. Knowing that word of mouth is hard to beat, it’s time to put on your big girl/boy pants and ask your happy customers to tell it to the camera, because seeing and hearing someone is always easier to trust than reading the words on a page.

To build an effective testimonial video, you need to interview some of your long-term customers that have seen tangible results thanks to your product/service. 

You want your propsects to “see themselves” and their businesses in the testimonial videos you create, so when thinking about possible subjects, think about your ideal customer and make sure the customers you feature align with this target audience. 

And whatever else you decide on, make sure your happy customer remains happy during filming – a relaxed and natural conversation in an authentic location is always more compelling on video.

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3. Company story video

It’s well known that people tend to buy based on emotion rather than logic. So humanising your business through video and story is a powerful way to connect with people.

Tel the story of how your business started and why, introduce your founders and team, and highlight the culture and values of your business and you will work your brand into the hearts and minds of your prospects and customers

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In business today, trust is everything, and video is here to stay. If you want in, talk to us today about how we can make a simple yet effective start with one of these three approaches to video. 


Alexis Neylan