Training and Education

The increased bandwidth and download speeds available these days have had an impact on how training and education can be delivered – and not just by educational institutions.

At Mayfly we’ve got the technical skills, equipment and know how to work with business to develop in-house training videos that can then be rolled out online. In addition, we have had some great fun working on educating other budding film makers this year. We can work with organisations who need to make sure their staff are able to make their way around the most basic photography to groups interested in making their own short films. Passing on our knowledge is a great change of pace to our normal filming schedule and has given us some great laughs – we’re still not sure if we were able to provide the most comprehensive answer to a student’s query about how to take the best selfie though.

We are excited to announce some more training and education projects. Watch this space…

Cristy Houghton