It Captures Attention

Kildare approached Mayfly to film and produce the video to use on school information nights to prospective students and their parents. They were looking to increase the amount of information they could get across to a large audience in a short space of time (seven minutes to be exact).

To film the material required to give a thorough overview, Steve and I went back to school for three days and attended the Athletics Carnival, the school musical production, and followed a Year 8 Student as they went about there day from class to class. Phew. 

To add value to the exercise, and seeing we also run educational workshops as part of Mayfly Media, we also took the time to ensure Kildare’s Year 12 Design Tech students interested in video production shadowed our activities, giving them a hands on lesson. 

The video formed part of the School Information night earlier this year, and the feedback we received from the organisers was great – rating audience engagement as much higher (a great win for the school) and letting us know that everyone “loved it” (a great win for our egos).

Consider a video for your next large presentation, to increase audience engagement.

Thank you a million times over for today. You guys are so professional and accommodating and really are amazing to work with. Not many people would create the crazy video we did today. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you are putting into this project! – Kildare Catholic College.

Cristy Houghton