Steve - Director, camera & Edit

“I’m the guy who geeks out over the latest gear and love getting my head around the processes and systems of our clients.”

As director and videographer, Steve is responsible for bringing your video to life.

Steve takes care of all the technical aspects of the job including lighting, sound, direction, filming, editing and producing the finished product.

With a background in both Biological Sciences and Natural History Filmmaking, Steve is obsessed about the natural world and lives to document it on film. Steve likes to know how things work, so don’t be surprised if he really rolls up his sleeves to find out more about your products or processes as he films!

With his calm, down to earth approach, Steve can make almost anyone feel relaxed in front of the camera – which is a skill in itself.

Alexis - Productions manager

“I love the excitement of this industry, the people you meet and the relationships you form in the process of telling stories.” 

As Marketing Manager, Alexis not only oversees Mayfly Media’s marketing activities, but is also responsible for creating and maintaining our all-important client relationships.

Alexis is your key point of contact throughout the video production process.

She is committed to getting to the heart of the brief from every organisation she works with and enjoys the learning that comes from producing engaging and authentic videos for great local businesses and not-for-profits.

An award-winning producer (The Enemy Within, 2015), Alexis gets a real kick out of telling the real stories of real people and showcasing all that regional living has to offer.