With the rise of Facebook live and Instagram live, a lot of people have been asking about the best DIY equipment to buy to film with their smartphones.

There’s no doubt filming with your phone can create quick and easy video content and with a phone tripod and additional mic, you’re assured of better quality videos.

If you’re planning to capture some priceless family memories or send some seasonal cheer this Christmas, here are Steve’s top tips for filming on your phone:


1. Keep in mind the orientation of the phone. Do you want it in portrait or landscape orientation for the final output?


2. Monitor the sound using headphones. This allows you to better judge the levels of background noise to voice, and to position your phone in the best place to record your subject.


3. Use a directional microphone if possible and keep the phone close to your subject. The closer the microphone is, the higher the voice to background noise ratio will be.

4. Keep your phone as stable as possible. I recommend using a tripod. Some phones have stabilisers built into their camera software, which you should be able to turn on or off in the settings.

5. Practise makes perfect: If it’s not quite the masterpiece you were hoping for, talk to the Mayfly Media team about running a workshop on how to use your phone for filming in 2018.


Alexis Neylan