Photography Workshop

The Pakistan team visited Australia as part of the Agriculture-Sector Linkages Program which is funded by DFAT-Aid. The dairy project that the team are working with has been running for over seven years and has been a collaboration between Charles Sturt University and the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (Lahore, Pakistan).

The team visited Australia to participate in a conference followed by a number of workshops at CSU in Wagga Wagga. Mayfly Media were contacted by Charles Sturt University to run a photography course whilst they were visiting.

The focus of these workshops were to build on the skills of the Paksitani team in different areas – slightly removed from what they are usually doing in their roles in the field. The key role of the team is to transfer applied scientific research to dairy farmers in Pakistan with the aim of providing them with the knowledge to build on, expand and improve the efficiency of their farms. Part of this work is to share their experiences with Government and other researchers regarding what was successful and what was not.

Running this photography workshop has been one of the highlights of 2014. We throughly enjoyed learning about the work they were doing in Pakistan. In return they have improved their skills in photography. We wish them all the best with their studies and hope to see them back in Australia some time soon.

Cristy Houghton